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Nowadays, privacy has become a very crucial subject. Talking on digital marketing, so, yes, privacy is an essential ingredient in it.

Estivasoftech is the data protector of your personal data. This privacy policy statement will explain to you our ideal working criteria. From collecting the valuable information to how we store it, we’ll be your complete right and to work for you. We are a team of robust and specialized management, which will manage your data with complete security and responsibility.

With Estivasoftech you can feel secure and relax. We never compromise with the data privacy, and which is why aims to works with full sincerity and dedication.


The personal data will only be collected when we have the authorization to do so.

Information collected from you- while using the site, you’ll provide us various information including your name, postcode, billing address, emails, and much more.

Apart from sources, we can get information automatically also. When a viewer visits your website, we’ll automatically collect the information from the user’s device. Information that will be collected- Device type, web browser, IP address.


Your system security- When you execute with us on the internet we scramble information sent from your device to our frameworks. We have firewalls, interruption discovery frameworks, and infection filtering apparatuses to secure against unapproved people and infections getting to our frameworks. We limit access by requiring the utilization of passwords.
Pulverizing information when not required- Our regulations say us not to keep data unnecessarily, when not in use.
Credit card information- Where credit card data is required, our procedures for recording, overseeing, and utilizing charge card details are planned in arrangement with worldwide PCI Security Standards.

Protecting your data is our major role and priority. We are very bona fide towards our work and ensure you protect your data with complete security and confidentiality.


We are Unique to other

By using our website, you can hereby sanction to our privacy policy and can refer to our terms & conditions.

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