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In Search Engine Advertisements you place ads in the form of a text or images are posted on search engines such as Google or Bing. The advertisements are then placed prominently in the Search Engine Results Page.


SEO is not a complete strategy you need, to advertise your company. You need to accompany it with Search Engine Advertising. Consumers are searching locally via mobile for their required products and it is increasing rapidly. Consumers search a particular product and are in need of it at that time you can opt on that opportunity using tools like google AdWords and Bing ads. Helps Branding and your Reputation Because Positive Content Is on the SERP

  • How to create AdWords campaign
  • Expanded text Ads
  • Keywords Quality Score
  • AdWords Ad extensions
  • Keyword match type
  • Negative Keywords in AdWords
  • Keyword pad & IP Tracking
  • Keyword match order campaign’s AdWords
  • Google Analytics linking with AdWords
  • How to use Ad words URL option advance
  • DKI on text ads
  • PPC landing page
  • DKI on landing page
  • How to use flexible bid strategy
  • AdWords Ad Rank
  • Call only ads AdWords
  • Mobile only Ads AdWords
  • PLA Ads Advance section
  • Bid Adjustment & PLA Updates
  • Dynamic Search Ads with new Interface
  • A/B Testing
  • Label & Rules & Reports AdWords
  • Advance Conversation Tracking
  • Common & Advance Setting
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • Display Ads Targeting
  • Display Brand/Influence/Leads Objective
  • Text Ads Under App & Video/App Exclusion
  • Gmail Ads AdWords
  • Engagement Ads Display Network
  • YouTube & Display Video Ads
  • YouTube Remarketing Creation
  • Shopping product list in video network
  • Mobile App Install – Search & Display Network
  • Mobile App Install ads – Video Network
  • Universal App Install
  • Facebook Audience List targeting in AdWords
  • Conditional Remarketing List – Analytics
  • Also Visit Another page remarketing List
  • Day wise Remarketing AdWords
  • Not Converted Remarketing List
  • Remarketing Optimization
  • Search Network with Display Select
  • Google AdWords Editor
  • Google AdWords Client Manager
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Basic of Facebook Campaign
  • Facebook Lead Objective
  • Updated Remarketing & Pixel Tracking
  • Power Editor Basics Facebook
  • Dynamic Ads Facebook
  • Facebook Audience Insights
  • Page Like live Audit
  • Understanding Facebook dark Post
  • FB Adverts Account Management
  • Send to people Objective Facebook
  • Increase Conversion to Website – Facebook
  • Bing Ads Basic Targeting
  • Bing Conversion & Remarketing
  • Bing Ads Agency
  • LinkedIn Ads
  • AdWords Numerical Questions & Answer